An Enterprise Approach to Data Collection

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Kroger, a national grocery retailer, asked Concord to bring scalability, consistency, security, and efficiency to an enterprise analytics approach using a best-in-class application of tools from Adobe Experience Cloud.


Concord experts:

1. Created an Enterprise Tagging Strategy roadmap

2. Standardized analytics architecture and toolsets

3. Implemented a TMS solution and developed governance for releases

4. Consolidated reporting using Adobe’s Analysis Workspace

5. Expanded the use of the Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service

6. Defined Data Governance plan, including consolidation of Adobe report suites

7. Worked cross-functionally to execute marketing, product, and media needs within IT governance

8. Migrated to server-side data collection

9. Trained the Kroger team on all tools and processes  

Kroger now has a collaborative, innovative methodology for tracking using Adobe Experience Cloud best practices that is flexible enough to adapt to the changing digital analytics landscape.

Key results:

  • Saved 100K+ in Adobe Analytics costs and improved page load time efficiency 30%
  • Increased efficiency with flexibility to support the unique needs of Kroger’s sophisticated technical infrastructure
  • Reduced risks associated with the frequent code releases required for analytics

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