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Adobe Analytics: A Guide to Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner
By Alanna Davis

Dive into the essentials of the certification, from understanding its significance to practical steps for achieving success.

Adobe Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that offers reporting, visualizations, and analysis of your customer data. With the proper implementation, this platform can answer the toughest business questions in seconds. Compared to other analytics solutions, Adobe Analytics can have a pretty steep learning curve. Do you want to test your knowledge? Let's take a deep dive into the Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner exam!

The Adobe Certified Expert – Analytics Business Practitioner certification (Exam ID: AD0-E208) is an industry-acknowledged exam that not only tests your ability to utilize Adobe Analytics tools and features, but also your competency in applying analytics principles and interpreting analytics reports.

Why get certified?

Earning the Adobe Analytics Expert certification not only supports your learning, but also validates your competence in the tool. An Adobe certified expert can be any marketer, analyst, or consultant proven capable of assisting clients in maximizing their Adobe solution, optimizing its current usage, and gathering insights.

Minimum Qualifications

The ideal AD0-E208 candidate meets should have:

  • Two years’ experience in digital analytics (marketing background preferred).
  • An in-depth understanding of digital analytics components.
  • The ability to translate business requirements into metrics.
  • The ability to develop, interpret, and communicate reports and insights.
  • Helped clients define their business question or key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • An understanding of how data is collected and tracked.
  • An understanding of Adobe Analytics integrations.
  • At least one year of experience in Adobe Analytics (hands-on experience preferred).

The Online Readiness Questionnaire evaluates your current expertise in using and implementing Adobe Analytics.

Exam Scope & Details

The Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner exam includes five sections:

  • Section 1: Understanding Analytics in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem
  • Section 2: Reporting and Dashboarding for Projects
  • Section 3: Segmentation and Calculated Metrics
  • Section 4: General Tool Knowledge and Troubleshooting
  • Section 5: Administration

See exam specifics below:

  • Level: Expert (1-3 years’ experience)
  • Passing Score: 31/50
  • Allotted Time: 120 mins
  • Delivery: Online (requires camera access) or test center proctored
  • Available languages: English
  • Cost: $225 (global) / $150 (India) / $0 (company-provided voucher) (subject to change)
  • Exam ID: AD0-E208

Recommended Journey: 10 Steps for Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner

Do you want to get certified, but don’t know where to start? Here is my step-by-step guide on how to test your Adobe Analytics proficiency, improve your skillset, and advance analytics learning in aspiration of being recognized as an Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner:

1. Sign up for the Adobe Analytics Mentorship Program! This program connects Adobe product learners with product experts to help professionals attain Analytics certifications, gain valuable analytics skills, and build relationships in the analytics community. Be sure to check the community experience league for updates regarding the 2024 timeline. You may even be paired with our very own Adobe Certified Expert and 2023 Mentor, Josh Stephens!

2. Review the Certification Journey for Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert page. It provides comprehensive information about the exam, including recommended experience, certification objectives, useful study resources, and FAQs.

3. Take the Online Readiness Questionnaire.

4. Complete steps 1-3 of Business Practitioner Training (feel free to skip ahead to step 4 if you meet minimum qualifications). Adobes Solutions Partner Program offers free on-demand and instructor-led training modules. These modules provide you with a great foundation in Adobe Analytics.

5. For good measure, review the resource links under the “Get Prepped” tab of the Certification Journey for Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert.

6. Create your own flashcards or find practice questions to apply and reinforce your knowledge. Make this a consistent part of your study routine. Here are some free resources to help you get started:

7. Take the practice test.

8. After taking the practice exam, review your comprehensive testing report provided by Adobe. The report highlights your strengths, areas for improvement, correct and incorrect answers, time spent, and overall score. You can access the testing report immediately after completing the practice test or by navigating to your Completed Tests and choosing a historical exam. Maintain your study routine using your preferred method and focus particularly on the subjects that require additional review.

9. Take the practice test again (or until you get at least a passing score - 35/50).

10. Schedule your exam!

Take Your Adobe Analytics Skills to the Next Level

Achieving the Adobe Certified Expert – Business Practitioner designation is a testament to your commitment to continuous learning and proficiency in Adobe Analytics. Given the dynamic nature of analytics, there's always room for growth. Explore our additional articles offering valuable tips and insights to continue your exploration of this evolving landscape and unlock the full potential of Adobe Analytics.

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