Salesforce and Microsoft Partnership Expansion: Increasing Access & Removing Friction
By Alex Gunnerson

The partnership expansion brings integrated solutions that combine Tableau's analytical capabilities with Microsoft Teams' collaborative environment and Microsoft Fabric's extensive data infrastructure.

On April 30th, Salesforce and Microsoft announced a partnership expansion that grants Tableau customers access to Microsoft Fabric. The collaboration between the two tech giants aims to streamline data analysis, foster seamless collaboration, and empower organizations to make data-driven decisions more efficiently. Here are the three key highlights from the partnership.

Tableau Gains Access to OneLake  

Tableau users now have the ability to tap into the vast data resources within OneLake, Microsoft's unified datalake solution, which serves as the foundation for Microsoft Fabric—a comprehensive end-to-end data solution. This integration enables Tableau users to effortlessly access diverse data sources, breaking down silos, and unlocking new insights to drive business growth.

The Integration of Teams and Tableau

The partnership offers a seamless integration between Microsoft Teams, a popular collaboration platform, and Tableau. This integration significantly reduces the friction associated with sharing insights across teams. No longer do users need to resort to tedious copying and pasting of screenshots or links. Instead, they can seamlessly discuss trends, patterns, and visualizations powered by Tableau—all within the Teams app environment. This integration enhances efficiency, enabling teams to have meaningful discussions and make informed decisions promptly.

Tableau Pulse at Your Fingertips

Tableau's AI-powered solution, Tableau Pulse, is now directly shareable within Microsoft Teams. This means that the valuable insights generated by Tableau Pulse can be effortlessly distributed to team members, fostering collaboration, and enabling data-driven decision-making. With this integration, businesses can stay at the forefront of their industries by harnessing the power of Tableau's AI capabilities and leveraging those insights within the Teams ecosystem.

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