Centralizing Security Capabilities

Information Security
Cloud Applications & Integration


Our global high tech client established a new centralized security function. The service had a mandate to grow services and mature, where executive management and the board were looking for an independent third-party evaluation of the year-over-year progress.

Concord engaged with a tailored cybersecurity maturity approach to evaluate over 75 business units across the globe, resulting in over 8,100 assessment data points. Through our assessment, we provided the results to each business unit, division, and executive leader to report on their maturity progress and deliver comprehensive recommendations to achieve target levels.


  • Translated assessment results and recommendations into annual projects and priorities
  • Directed budgets to areas of greatest need
  • Incentivized global resource involvement and maturity through annual assessment targets
  • Identified and created opportunities for global security COEs and practices
  • Improved security capability year-over-year and reduced risk exposure

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