Generating $2.7M in Revenue from A/B Testing

Data Solutions & Analytics


Our travel and hospitality client identified a number of business goals to improve for the year, including customer experience improvements and revenue growth. They engaged Concord to build their Testing Roadmap for the year to help make progress on their goals. One of the first experiments we were excited to test revolved around their lack of inventory visibility, as we believed it was leading to oversells and leaving revenue on the table.

Hypothesis Flow for A/B Testing

Concord performed an in-depth analysis, including segmentation and market basket analysis, to pinpoint the problem, validate the hypothesis, and identify potential solutions.

Based on our analysis, we facilitated an A/B test within the purchase flow that gave clients visibility to inventory by date earlier in the funnel.


The new customer experience was a resounding success! It provided a more efficient experience and mitigated revenue leakage. As a result, our client enjoyed:

  • 12% increase in revenue per visitor
  • Estimated $2.7M in annualized revenue gains

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