Taking Stock of Inventory Management

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Inaccurate inventory management can cause a myriad of issues for retailers– product shortages, purchasing wrong or too much inventory, or, worse yet, losing a customer. All of these issues ultimately cost money. When margins are thin and competition is tough, there’s no room for inefficiency.

Our large retail chain client needed a replacement for their handheld RF scanner devices as they reached end of life and vendor support. Concord stepped in to create a native mobile application solution to perform all of their inventory management functions, including item lookup, item picklist, and retail signage and label creation.


Concord succeeded in modernizing the inventory management process for our retail client and enhanced customer service performance by providing more and better information to store associates. Our end-to-end solution included the following services:

  • Information architecture design
  • Wireframes and visual design iterations
  • Development of native Android application
  • Web services built in Java Spring
  • Successful deployment and roll out to over 100 retail locations

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