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6 Shopify Tools to Elevate Your Ecommerce Brand
By Natalie Sheffield

If you’re looking to reach and convert more customers more efficiently, check out some of these Shopify tools and capabilities our experts swear by.

Shopify is a leader in the ecommerce platform space, known for their extensive options for businesses of varying size and industry. With a multitude of Shopify tools designed for growth, the best converting checkout on the planet, and 99.9% uptime, they live up to “the platform built for future proofing.”

Shopify offers tools that drive efficiency, efficacy, and adaptability. From integrated marketing tools that help brands reach audiences in new ways to data organization and translation tools that better positioning those efforts, our experts have broken down some of Concord’s favorite Shopify tools and features for our clients below.

1. Shop Campaigns

Combatting rising acquisition costs, Shop Campaigns is a powerful opportunity for growing brands to acquire new customers at a controlled cost. It’s a buyer rewards program AND a pay-per-conversion opportunity for eligible storefronts. The tool allows the brand to target potential customers in the Shop app with exclusive offers. The best part? Brands only pay for conversions – meaning they expand brand awareness at no cost.

“Shop Campaigns is an exciting capability that Shopify provides allowing brands to create custom offers to convert first-time customers. It’s a low risk way to dip your toes into campaigns – only paying acquisition costs – and begins building customer data for future, more complex, personalized campaigns.” - Chelsea Carlyle, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

2. Shopify’s Experience Toolset

When over 4.8 million online stores use Shopify, you know it has to be special. How do you make sure your storefront stands out from the rest? Enter Shopify’s suite of experience tools. Whether you use an out-of-the-box theme or custom design every element, there’s sure to be an experience that meets your every need. Shopify offers a myriad of resources to get the most out of your customer experience from storefront to checkout.

"When making ecommerce platform recommendations, one area we consider is the ability to customize design and user experience. Shopify's extensive toolset allows us to derive learnings from data collected across the user experience and make strategic adjustments to drive positive customer experiences. Whether building off a theme or a full custom design, our team of design and UX experts support brands every day in crafting a positive, memorable experience for audiences." - Heather Schaefer, Director of Creative & Experience

3. Audience Segmentation

Before you can grow your audience, you have to know your audience. Shopify’s customer segmentation tool helps you uncover powerful insights about your shoppers by creating unique segments that allow you to personalize your outreach and drive sales. From high-value customers and repeat buyers to abandoned checkouts and behavior-driven events, Shopify makes it easy to build segments as targeted as your marketing plans.

"Shopify offers easy-to-use segmentation capabilities that our team helps clients strategically build, understand and leverage across marketing channels. Introducing segmentation into ecommerce engagement strategies is a game-changer for brands - connecting with the right customer at the right time with the right messaging." - Bethany Hartley, VP of Analytics

4. Marketing Automations

Automated marketing saves time while reaching customers at the right time. Shopify offers a variety of automation offerings ranging from templated journeys to custom automations tailored to a brand’s segments. With Shopify Automations, you can get started fast to test and optimize automations all on Shopify – meaning you’re able to approach marketing automations nimbly.

5. Third-Party Integration

For larger brands who have a great marketing automation system and processes in place, no need to fix what isn’t broken. Shopify offers a composable commerce solution with integration flexibility so brands can connect ready-to-use tools to their Shopify storefront.

When it comes to a flexible platform that grows with a brand, optionality is a must. Easily connecting third-party systems across front and back-end systems provides a level of versatility unmatched in the market.

6. Shopify Inbox

Resolving queries in real-time chat guides customers through the purchasing journey, leading to higher conversion rates and AOV. With that in mind, Shopify offers Inbox – a free, AI-powered chat that answers shoppers’ questions. Inbox leverages AI to pull insights into customer carts and provides answers to the most commonly-asked questions so there is less time creating a barrier for conversion. Reduce the risk of losing customers that your brand worked so hard to gain by providing critical information and collecting important data.

Level Up Your Ecommerce Brand with Shopify Tools

Whether you’re already running your business on Shopify or looking to start, our ecommerce experts are here to guide you through replatforming, optimization, and so much more. Reach out to learn how we can help you level up your Shopify game.

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