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Across industries, data has rapidly turned into business currency and become a part of a company's monetization strategy. Your organization is not necessarily set up for data-driven decision-making just because you possess a digital environment with data capabilities. Modern data integration with Concord and MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform creates visibility for your organization that guides data-driven decisions. If you’re looking to modernize your approach and mature your organization’s data management strategy, we can help.

In our latest eBook, Keep Calm & Data On, we share how to empower data-driven decisions that will turn your data into valuable, usable business currency.

Keep Calm & Data On eBook

Concord and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Using a combination of our experienced resources, mature processes, and standards-based, customizable implementation expertise, Concord delivers top-of-the-line MuleSoft service and solution excellence within key verticals like big box retail, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, hi-tech services, and telecom.

The Concord + Mulesoft Advantage
Trusted Partner
Concord has been a MuleSoft business partner for nearly a decade with experience working with hundreds of clients across industries.
Proven Engagement Model
Our project enablement models align with proven MuleSoft customer success processes.
Right-Sized Projects
From planning to environment buildouts and API development, we know how to right-size projects for your needs.
Superior Training
Our comprehensive training program helps you maintain and grow MuleSoft best practices long after our engagement’s successful completion.
Our MuleSoft Capabilities
API Management and Security
API Discovery
Real TIme Messaging
Batch Processing
CloudHub / On-Prem / Cloud Architecture
Anypoint Analysis

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