Collecting Too Much Healthcare Marketing Data Will Paralyze Your Analytics
By Concord

Collect the Right Marketing Data. Integrate Your Stack. Activate Your Insights.

What if you don’t need all the healthcare marketing data you’re collecting?

The amount of information collected by healthcare companies makes it difficult for marketing and IT teams to distinguish between valuable marketing data and clutter. The dilemma is that too much marketing data results in too few actionable insights. Once gathered, all that information requires time-intensive analysis—and when something useful is finally extracted, the window to act on it might have closed.

Marketing analytics data is only valuable in business if it improves revenue, which underscores the mistake of collecting all available marketing data. When it comes to marketing data, it’s not about collecting as much as possible, but leveraging the right types. Organizations that transition from information gathering to an effective marketing analytics strategy increase their chances of driving revenue growth to achieve specific marketing and IT objectives.

Is your mar-tech stack integrated to activate the marketing analytics data you should collect?

Further complicating the analytics challenges many healthcare companies face, marketing data usually flows to their mar-tech stack from multiple siloed platforms. Integrating the sources that generate this information should streamline analysis and set you up for wide-ranging analytics benefits. The good news is that resolving the unnecessary hassle of coordinating huge amounts of marketing data coming from different platforms can be a relatively easy fix with the right support. What if you could tie it all together to activate your most useful marketing data’s potential with a CDP solution?

Unifying your patients’ and customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels creates a source of truth that optimizes marketing and IT activities. This approach leads to highly targeted campaigns with individualized messaging that resonates with audiences that matter. The best mar-tech data integration and analytics strategies, augmented with the capabilities of a CDP, provide real-time insights, enhanced privacy, and new revenue-generating opportunities—increased patient and customer acquisition and retention, higher conversion rates, and more.

Does your healthcare company’s analytics plan prioritize collecting marketing data or defining objectives?

Developing a comprehensive analytics strategy is the key to avoiding marketing data collection pitfalls and headaches associated with managing a disjointed mar-tech stack. Unfortunately, many healthcare companies begin analytics initiatives by focusing on dataset issues, instead of defining objectives, and identifying the important analysis issues and limitations standing in the way of opportunities and achieving desired outcomes. Healthcare organizations with successful analytics plans prioritize end-to-end marketing data lifecycle solutions—how to get the most actionable insights from the most valuable datasets.

Can your in-house team successfully implement a strategic analytics plan?

In addition to understanding the potential of an organization’s best marketing data, healthcare leaders should also evaluate in-house marketing and IT teams to determine if they have the capabilities and bandwidth to execute a winning analytics plan. It’s surprisingly difficult to find people with the rare skill set required to effectively implement a results-focused analytics strategy.

Without a capable team of expert data scientists and analysts prepared to jump in and help you get the most of your marketing data, it could sit dormant, taking up space—potential untapped. If you’re in the healthcare industry and your company’s IT and marketing teams spend more time managing the marketing analytics data flow than optimizing, analyzing, and monetizing the right marketing data, we can help.

An experienced partner can answer all of these questions for you.

Evolytics will work with you to craft a detailed, step-by-step plan, and roadmap to analytics success, focused on leveraging your organization’s best marketing data to get the most out of it. Contact us for a free audit of your healthcare company’s analytics and let’s get started!

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