Evolytics Team Strengthens TMS Capabilities with Tealium Partnership
By Concord

The Evolytics Team is certified in Tealium iQ Tag Management and Tealium AudienceStream

Evolytics is proud to announce their partnership with Tealium, a universal data hub. The Tealium Agency Partnership will allow us to provide additional services above and beyond simply implementing and managing the tag management system.

Krissy Tripp, a member of the Marketing Analytics Team, recently earned the Tealium iQ Tag Management Certification and the Tealium Audience Stream Certification – further strengthening TMS capabilities across the Evolytics team.

Tealium has three products to provide an integrated data solution. Tealium iQ is the world’s leading enterprise tag management system and the base of their universal data hub, Data Access, which combines omnichannel data for real-time customer personalization. These products work with Tealium AudienceStream, a customer segmentation and action engine. The solutions are product agnostic, but they have built in integration for the most popular digital tracking and marketing products such as Adobe Analytics, Google Adwords and SalesForce.

“The training was intense,” Krissy said. “They host you on-site in San Diego for a week of hands-on classroom time with their trainers. The focus isn’t on memorization, but understanding what resources are available, so innovative solutions can be scaled for enterprise clients.”After the on-site training week, participants take one multiple choice exam per certification and complete a practical exam working with Tealium iQ and implementing AudienceStream on a mock website.

“There are so many great applications to this toolset,” Krissy said. “We can easily begin optimizing the customer experience by doing things such as creating marketing emails to include the most-viewed, unpurchased product after a visit or customizing webpages based on customer segment.”

Evolytics is excited to have such dedicated and passionate employees who want to bring cutting edge data and analysis to our clients, and we’re proud to be able to support continued learning.

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