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Growth and Sophistication in CUI: What Does That Mean for Your Organization?
By Natalie Sheffield

AI has made a substantial impact on user experience. Here’s how conversation user interaction (CUI) is poised to change your business for the better.

We’re quickly entering the world of HAL9000, “2001: A Space Odyssey’s” killer AI, where consumers are becoming more and more comfortable not just giving commands to their smart devices, but also talking with them. We ask Siri when Mt. Vesuvius erupted or Google for the nearest taqueria in the city. We respond verbally to those incessant questions the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems ask us. We chat with chatbots. ChatGPT writes semi-coherent blogs (I don’t do this, but I know a few writers who do during crunch time). It only makes sense for us, humans, to start to develop feelings and have relationships with computers/robots like in M3GAN or Blade Runner. It’s all becoming just a little bit too HAL-ish.

But is there a need to worry? What was once weird or off-putting has often become a natural extension of everyday life. Don’t we want an OS that not only knows what we’re saying but follows our commands? Yes (and no) or else there would not have been such a to-do about ChatGPT in 2022.

Below, we’ll explore the impact of AI on user experience (UX) and highlight the two major areas we believe conversational user infaces (CUI) will improve business operations. We’ll also take a look at the privacy and ethical challenges that come along with it.

Rapid Growth as an Integral Part of UI/UX Designs

Hopefully our devices don’t end up killing us like HAL does, but the growth of CUI over the past few years has led them to become more sophisticated and robust. Today we’re seeing the rapid adoption of CUIs as human-computer interaction feels less threatening and more commonplace in everyday workflows.  

In just 25 years, we’ve gone from text interfaces (MS-DOS/UNIX) to clicking buttons and selecting menu items to actually chatting with our mobile devices. Such “natural” interaction has partially removed the UI friction of buttons and menus making interacting with a web site seem more natural and increased customer satisfaction. According to a 2/5/24 TechoPedia article, “73% of consumers believe AI can positively impact their experience.” The conversational AI market is projected to reach $43.7 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 23.9% from 2023 to 2030.

With AI being the current rage, UX designers can leverage it to understand user intent, learn from user interactions, and personalize the experience to an extent. In fact, Concord recently partnered with tech stalwart Salesforce to its Einstein 1 Platform to help companies:

  • Quickly help sales reps and marketers create more personalized experiences
  • Obtain rich context information
  • Boost productivity
Huge Advancements in What CUI can Help You Accomplish

With CUI, your organization becomes omni-present by seamlessly operating across multiple channels including web, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and smart devices. With a smart CUI plan, you can build a unified experience across all your channels using personalization/customer engagement and business efficiency/automation.

Read about how Concord created an AI companion for our client’s marketing team to automatically sift through thousands of keywords and come up with new profitable categories they hadn’t considered before.

Personalization and customer engagement

B2B marketers’ obsession with personalization such as Account-based Marketing (ABM) enables them to tailor content that leads to better understand preferences and user histories resulting in:

  • More personalized experiences  
  • Higher conversion rates  

With such a hyper-focus on personalization, you accelerate client relationships, and your organization can build tailored messages that address customer needs and pain points to generate better leads. By partnering with Concord, our dedicated experts help you build strategies that leverage your CUIs to enhance engagement and build stronger customer relationships.

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