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How AI-Powered Personalization is Transforming the Customer Experience
By Kate Huber

Adobe’s latest innovations help companies deliver one-to-one personalization through generative AI and real-time insights.

Adobe Summit, the world’s largest digital experience conference, wrapped up last week in Las Vegas. Over the course of three days, the conference brought together a wide range of industry leaders, experts, and innovators to share insights, ideas, and best practices for delivering exceptional customer experiences.  

The past few years have been transformational for technology. In 2023, we witnessed the rapid rise of AI and personalization, with 92% of businesses adopting AI to tailor experiences for their customers. A study by Segment stated that 69% of businesses intend to boost their investment in delivering personalized experiences in 2024. In line with this trend, this year’s conference focused on how we can leverage generative AI (genAI) to unify customer data, streamline personalized content creation, and enhance the customer journey. Adobe announced a wide range of innovations that enable businesses to integrate data and content across the customer journey and boost engagement. The Concord team attended the conference and compiled a list of their most exciting insights. Let’s take a look at their highlights!

Experience Platform Enhances AI and Data Integration Capabilities  

The Adobe Experience Platform houses an integrated set of applications including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics that enable users to activate customer data across various systems. During the keynote, Adobe announced the following product releases:  

Platform AI Assistant

Adobe’s new AI Assistant is embedded within each Experience Platform application and provides a conversational interface that can answer technical questions about using Experience Cloud apps, automate tasks, fetch performance data, and compile audiences into groups that may respond better to certain promotional content. The tool aims to:

  • Enhance productivity: Users can save time understanding semantics through simple conversations.
  • Increase accessibility to advanced tools: AI Assistant makes Adobe’s sophisticated experience tools accessible to all team members, eliminating the need to contact support.  
  • Boost creativity: Teams can generate hundreds of variants of branded content for different marketing channels in record time.  

AI Assistant is set to increase Experience Platform usage across organizations, benefiting data analysts, data engineers, audience specialists, and journey managers. It simplifies interaction with the Experience Platform, allowing customer experience professionals to self-serve without relying on analysts to simulate journey outcomes for campaigns they're working on.

Joey Nachinson, Concord’s Director of Analytics Development, sees Adobe’s chatbot as a prime example of how companies are leveraging AI to reach more customers, in less time, with higher precision.  

“From keynotes featuring CEOs to breakout sessions with industry panelists, and even the Sneaks session with Shaquille O'Neal, it was clear that AI was once again the star of the show,” Joey said. “Amidst a sea of excitement, Adobe showcased how their chatbot, AI Assistant, is going to change how we work. Whether empowering marketers to generate thousands of images, videos, or copy with a single click of a button, or assisting analysts in creating segments or filters in Customer Journey Analytics, one thing is clear: the AI revolution is no longer on the horizon; it’s upon us.”

Federated Audience Composition

Adobe’s Federated Audience Composition provides data management flexibility by allowing teams to tap into the audiences and data from warehouses and platforms like Amazon Web Services, Databricks, and Snowflake. From there, teams can build real-time, cross-channel customer journeys that drive engagement in the Experience Platform.    

This solution minimizes the need to move or copy data into Adobe applications. Businesses can now expose AI to a broader range of high-quality, secure data and improve AI outputs across the platform.  

Jim Bradley, Director of MarTech Architecture, shares that Adobe’s Federated Audience Composition removes data sharing challenges for many Real-Time Customer Data Platform users.  

“Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform equips marketers with powerful tools to understand their customers, segment them into audiences, and use those audiences to deliver meaningful, cross-channel experiences. However, getting all of that data into the platform has been a roadblock for many users,” Jim said. “Federated Audience Composition gets around those challenges and creates the opportunity to utilize more business data. This is an exciting and empowering development for marketers.”

GenStudio Accelerates Content Supply Chain

With the rising demand for personalization, brands can find it challenging to create digital content that meets individual consumer preferences and deliver it in real time. Adobe addresses this challenge with GenStudio, a new solution that brings together content ideation, creation, production, and activation within a brand’s content supply chain.  

GenStudio serves as a centralized hub for promotional campaigns. It leverages genAI to personalize content and accelerate content creation, helping users save time and resources while boosting content quality and marketing effectiveness. GenStudio provides insight into the performance of attributes, generated assets, and campaigns, which can then be used to direct AI prompts for other campaigns.  

As emphasized throughout this year’s Summit, content reigns supreme. Businesses are increasingly producing content and must be able to effectively utilize it and understand what is working and what isn’t. Jim emphasizes that GenStudio can be a key component of that process.  

“For some time now, tools have been available to create more audiences than a brand can develop content for. GenStudio provides tools to develop, manage, deliver, and analyze digital content. Critically, content developers and authors have the ability to review, modify, and approve AI-generated content,” Jim said.  

Journey Optimizer Benefits B2B Businesses  

Effective customer engagement relies on a unified, real-time understanding of customer behavior across channels. Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) combines a variety of data types, including behavioral, transactional, and operational data, across multiple touchpoints into a centralized customer profile that updates in real time. Companies can leverage these insights to determine the next best steps for interacting with users and prospects.  

Initially designed for B2C businesses, Adobe has expanded the reach of Journey Optimizer to the B2B sector with the introduction of AJO B2B Edition. Understanding engagement across a buying group can be complex and time-consuming, often requiring manual data reconciliation across multiple systems. AJO B2B Edition streamlines this process by providing teams with a unified view of buying group members and automating engagement across the buying committee. Companies can now see the bigger picture and embed strategic decision-making capabilities within their customer journeys.  

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Adobe  

With these innovations, Adobe is helping businesses activate AI to drive personalization at scale and deliver customer value. By bringing data, content, and the customer journey together, businesses can satisfy customers and build lasting loyalty.  

As an Adobe Solution Partner, Concord specializes in delivering personalized experiences to your customers. Our expertise allows us to leverage these innovations and more to deliver audience-centric, technology-informed solutions that seamlessly integrate with your digital ecosystem.  

Contact Concord today to learn how you can utilize Adobe to elevate engagement and cultivate brand loyalty.

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