Lindsey Peters of Evolytics a Finalist for Top Consultant Award from DAA
By Carey Wilkins

The Digital Analytics Association Top Consultant award recognizes consultants who lead their clients and their agencies to new places.

Each year, the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) honors “the best and brightest individuals in digital analytics” with peer-nominated and -judged awards. We are thrilled to announce that Evolytics’ Lindsey Peters was selected by her industry peers as a finalist for the Top Consultant Quantie award!

Lindsey serves as the analytics thought leader for one of our client’s key product initiatives, working end-to-end across multiple data sources to identify and analyze the voices of customers. The product — a financial app — uses a freemium model to engage customers, with an ultimate goal of bettering their personal financial health. Lindsey is instrumental as a consultant, and her nomination focused on three of her contributions:

First, Lindsey’s work improves the product. Lindsey does all her work with the app’s main goal in mind: improving user financial health. When Lindsey first began working with the client, the focus was measuring user metrics, without correlation to improved user financial health. Lindsey reset focus by creating a framework for measuring user health by categorizing user actions and behaviors as indicators of the larger goal (ex: decreases in debt, increases in savings, etc. as indicators of improved financial health).

Second, Lindsey minimizes risk. The size of the team that supports the app creates some natural silos in data — and thus silos in insight. Lindsey’s broad analytics knowledge puts her in the unique position of understanding the data end-to-end, including the beaconing and the various end-points, including both Adobe Analytics and clickstream. Whenever one change happens anywhere in the workflow, she knows all of the implications — from the tracking all the way through the dashboards — and is able to proactively prevent data loss or misinterpretation.

Third, Lindsey improves data accuracy. Lindsey has identified and resolved parity issues across data sources due to differences in calculations, aggregations, and unique user keys. Her stakeholders may not have the line of sight necessary to spot these differences, but Lindsey uses her cross-functional role to build institutional data governance.

We are so proud of Lindsey and her accomplishments, and glad the DAA membership agrees. As a finalist, she has earned a spot to compete live at the DAA OneConference on Oct 6. Please join us in cheering her on!

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