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Migrate to One of These A/B Testing Platforms Before Google Optimize Sunsets
By Hannah Alexander

Google will discontinue its Optimize A/B testing platform on September 30, 2023. We’ll help you migrate and maximize your testing program to one of today’s best AB testing tools.

Google Optimize is Sunsetting?

Yes. Following the transition to Google Analytics 4, Google plans to cease operations of its Optimize testing platform at the end of September.


The codebase Google built Optimize on is the same as other apps in the legacy Google Analytics codebase suite—none of which they will maintain after September 30, 2023.

Don’t Panic!

Our testing and experimentation team is experienced in a wide variety of AB testing tools that provide even more robust testing and analysis capabilities. These are alternate platforms we can help your business migrate into while maximizing the value and performance of your A/B testing program. Contact us to learn how we can evolve your A/B testing program.


  • User friendly
  • A popular A/B testing platform
  • Offers a discount to businesses migrating from Google Optimize!

Optimizely is one of the most widely-used A/B testing tools available. It’s martech-stack agnostic, and they offer a hefty (~$25K or so) discount to clients migrating from Google Optimize!

Optimizely also includes a WYSIWYG editor in conjunction with its full stack capabilities, which makes implementing simple visual changes to your site extremely convenient. The platform also supports integration for complex experiments (such as testing site speed, funnel pathing updates, or more intricate features).

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Amplitude Experiment

  • Gained popularity in recent years
  • Doesn’t require statistical expertise
  • Capable of augmenting (or even replacing) Google Analytics

Amplitude is one of the best event-based product analytics tools for understanding user journeys and user behavior. It is flexible in design, integrates seamlessly with most personalization tools, and is easy to learn.

Additionally, the experimentation module includes many out-of-box statistical capabilities to ensure that users can access all the tools necessary to forecast audience sizing, and interpret results.  

Learn more here!

Adobe Target

  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Part of a best-in-class martech Stack

Adobe leads the pack when it comes to ensuring that your reporting reflects the most accurate audience actions and segmentation (when evaluating complex cuts, such as a group that visited, came back, then clicked on something in particular).

Our A/B testing and experimentation team at Evolytics are big fans of the Adobe martech suite (and we’re Adobe partners) for its full-range of capabilities in analytics, reporting, experimentation, and audience management needs.

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VWO offers a freemium option for all toolstacks, which includes advanced analytics capabilities such as session replay, heatmaps, and surveys (additional cost).

This tool is for businesses with a lower budget/lower monthly traffic. The free version covers up to 100K monthly hits.

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We’re A/B Testing & Experimentation Experts. Let’s Work Together!

If you’re interested in working with a team of  A/B testing and experimentation power users of today’s best platforms, let’s talk. We’ll not only help you migrate from Google Optimize to a new platform, but we’ll take a holistic, comprehensive approach to setting your business’ testing program up for success in optimizing your digital marketing channels.

We’ll start by grading your current testing program. Next, we’ll provide recommendations for a new platform based on your business needs and stack requirements. Finally, we’re here to expertly manage implementation, and set you up with a roadmap to testing success, with the intent of improving your program’s performance, efficiency, learnings, and velocity!

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