Salesforce Connections 2024: Leveraging AI to Unify Customer Data and Enhance Data Quality
By Kate Huber

This year's event showcased the integration of data and AI into marketing and commerce strategies.

Trailblazers recently took over Chicago for Salesforce Connections 2024! As Salesforce’s premier learning event of the year for marketing and commerce, the Concord team had a great time connecting with innovators who are driving growth and enhancing customer experiences through data and AI.

This year’s event focused on the latest enhancements and capabilities for Salesforce’s Data Cloud and the Einstein platform, which will help marketers and merchants drive efficiency, personalization, and connected experiences across touchpoints.

Abhi Srivastava, Concord’s Vice President of Delivery, attended the conference and noted the prominence of data and AI in driving personalized experiences throughout the event.

“Salesforce Connections this year was such a great opportunity to meet with our clients and Salesforce partners to discuss how we can leverage the potential of data and AI to further innovate, drive personalized experience and improve customer interactions. It’s heartening to see the success stories where enterprises are using the advancement of AI to not only drive operational efficiencies but also drive sales through intelligent automations,” Abhi said.  

The increased role of the Data Cloud, the introduction of Einstein Copilots, and the Zero Copy Partner Network are set to provide significant value for marketers and be leveraged to optimize business strategies. Let’s take a deeper look at the biggest takeaways from the conference below.  

Data Cloud for Commerce  

Integrating disparate data sources into a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer is essential for delivering personalized experiences. The Data Cloud for Commerce enables this by combining CDO-like functionality with cross-cloud data capabilities, allowing teams to access and activate data across multiple channels. The platform helps build unified customer profiles, segment and target audiences, and optimize marketing and commerce campaigns across various channels and devices. This holistic approach enhances efficiency and empowers businesses to offer more relevant and timely customer interactions, which ultimately drives growth and customer satisfaction.  

Einstein Copilot

Salesforce introduced new Einstein Copilot features for marketers, merchants, and shoppers, which are all powered by the Data Cloud. Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s trusted conversational AI assistant, offers enhanced support for daily marketing and merchandising tasks, including:

Einstein Copilot for Marketing: Simplifies campaign creation with pre-built actions that automatically generate marketing briefs, content, and email campaigns. It accelerates time-to-market with auto-generated responses based on customer data and brand voice.  

Einstein Copilot for Merchants: Streamlines commerce tasks using natural language prompts. It simplifies storefront setup, generates personalized promotions, and provides AI-powered SEO recommendations to boost product discoverability and revenue.

Einstein Copilot for Shoppers: Enhances e-commerce interactions and makes online shopping more intuitive by allowing customers to use natural language to find products, explore catalogs, and ask questions.  

This AI integration allows businesses to enhance customer engagement by leveraging a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Einstein Personalization  

Salesforce also announced “Einstein Personalization,” which marks the beginning of the transition of Marketing Cloud Personalization features to the Data Cloud. Einstein Personalization helps marketers and merchants deliver relevant content and offers to customers based on their behaviors, preferences, and intents. This AI-driven decision engine utilizes the Data Cloud to analyze customer data and deploy marketing campaigns that automatically trigger personalized actions across channels. Einstein Personalization marks a major advancement in company-wide customization and is set to significantly boost customer engagement and ROI.

Zero Copy Partner Network  

Salesforce introduced an exciting initiative called the Zero Copy Partner Network, which allows partners to access and share data from the Salesforce Data Cloud without the need to move, copy, or reformat it. This saves time and maintains data integrity while also reducing costs and minimizing the risk of errors during data movement or transformation. The Zero Copy Partner Network helps partners collaborate and co-create solutions using Salesforce data and insights all while ensuring data security, privacy, and compliance.

Partnering with Concord

As a Crest Partner of Salesforce, Concord has deep expertise and experience working with Salesforce data and solutions. We focus on unlocking the value of data and AI and optimizing Salesforce investments to light up innovation and enable growth. Contact Concord if you’re interested in learning more about how to accelerate your Salesforce integrated platform journey.

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