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The Future of Data Governance
By Roxann Collin

Keep an eye out for these six trends shaping the landscape of data governance.

The landscape of data governance is set to undergo transformative changes, with new tools and focus areas adding layers of data and complexities for organizations to manage. As the importance of data and data-driven decision-making increases, and the volume and velocity of available data grow, data governance is evolving to meet a changing set of business requirements. Here are six advancements that are reshaping the data governance landscape:

1. AI and Machine Learning Integration

The integration of AI and machine learning (ML) is reshaping data governance. AI-driven systems are expected to automate data governance processes, including classification, tagging, and data management. These technologies, once the domain of data analysts and scientists, are now integral to automating aspects of data governance such as monitoring compliance and ensuring data quality. This integration will streamline data governance processes, making them more efficient and less prone to human error.

2. Metadata Management

Metadata management is poised to take center stage. With the increasing complexity of the data ecosystem, the focus is shifting towards enhancing metadata to provide richer context, aid in data discovery, and ensure more efficient data management. Advancements in metadata management are becoming a crucial component of effective data governance frameworks.

3. Data Quality and Data Literacy

Data quality and data literacy are becoming increasingly paramount. As AI continues to gain prominence, the importance of high-quality data is amplified. Effective AI outcomes depend on the reliability and accuracy of the underlying data. Alongside this, there is a growing emphasis on data literacy. As data becomes more integral to business operations, ensuring that all stakeholders understand the importance of high-quality data and possess the skills to interpret and use it effectively is crucial.

4. Operating Models

While there might be a trend towards decentralized models, the hybrid approach remains prevalent. Hybrid data governance models empower individual departments to manage their own data while still aligning with overarching data governance policies at the enterprise level. This approach offers a balance, allowing department-specific needs to be met without compromising overall governance standards.

5. Data Warehousing and Lake Houses Integration

A significant trend is the integration of data warehousing and lake houses. This hybrid model combines the structured, organized approach of traditional data warehouses with the flexibility and scalability of data lake houses. Data governance strategies need to adapt to govern this integrated data architecture effectively, ensuring high-quality, consistent data across diverse platforms.

6. Data Democratization and Regulations

Data democratization is becoming a key trend, making data more accessible to a broader range of users within an organization. This trend empowers more employees to make data-driven decisions, enhancing overall business efficiency. At the same time organizations must continuously adapt to changing data protection and privacy regulations. Understanding and complying with both global and local regulations is crucial for effective data governance.

How Concord Can Help

The landscape of data governance is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements like AI and changing regulations. Staying ahead in this dynamic environment requires adaptability, foresight, and a commitment to continuous learning. If you need help understanding these trends and adapting to changes in data governance, contact Concord. Our team of experts can help you navigate this environment and manage, store, and use your data effectively to support your company’s goals.

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