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The Pitfalls of Data Fluency: Insights from Marketing Analytics Summit
By Natalie Sheffield

Is your organization data fluent? Find out the key pitfalls befalling organizations, plus other insights from the Marketing Analytics Summit.

Concord was a proud sponsor of the Marketing Analytics Summit, a four-day conference where hundreds of marketing and digital analytics trailblazers come together in Las Vegas to discuss, reimagine, and collaborate on the topic of analytics.

The week was filled with keynotes and breakout sessions that covered a wide range of topics, including migrating from Google’s Universal Analytics to GA4, understanding how to invest in the right tools for your organization, and communicating insights effectively through visualization.  

Experimentation and conversion rate optimization have been major buzzwords in the industry for a long time. Kenya Gillette, Data Analytics & Planning SR Program Manager at Microsoft, shared that it’s not enough to just be enthusiastic about data, but you must understand it, as well. “Now that we all feel more comfortable talking about experiments, starting up programs, and evaluating platforms, it’s time to align reality and future-state to a practical north star,” Gillette shares.

A major theme from the conference centered on the customer experience and how analytics can support the effort. Josephine (Hua) Pan, Director of Marketing Science at Disney Streaming, suggests there are new metrics for measuring success in analytics. “Retention matters when it comes to phone subscribers, streaming service subscribers, and analytics team members,” states Pan. “It’s time to up your game on the people side of the equation by partnering with data engineers, gaining trust, and building a strong team,” she adds.

Concord’s Ali Groepper, Director of Business Intelligence, spoke on the importance of establishing a data-fluent organization and the pitfalls you could encounter on your journey. “A data-fluent organization is one that ensures people, processes, and technology are working together to drive results and provide business value from data,” reveals Groepper.

Companies struggle with navigating and overcoming these pitfalls in the various stages of the data maturity scale, ranging from data-aware to data-driven. We often see companies fall victim to pitfalls like report proliferation, manual data manipulation, non-optimized tool usage, metric fixation, poor data quality, data silos, inconsistent terminology, and metric definitions – the list goes on.  

Concord partners with clients to help them avoid and overcome the data fluency pitfalls they face in their day-to-day business. If you are looking for support, consider reaching out to learn how we’ve helped organizations advance in their data fluency journey.  

For additional coverage from the topics shared by the Marketing Analytics Summit speakers, check out the Funnel Reboot Podcast hosted by Glenn Schmelzle.

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