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Constantly looking for ways to re-invent their customer experience, Starbucks was aiming to introduce a new engagement strategy and a next-generation iteration of personalization.

Concord provided Starbucks with experts in marketing business analysis, services architecture, and engagement technology strategy. This highly specialized team introduced a new strategy, as well as a new way of looking at the Starbucks engagement technology – one that is API services oriented at every node of engagement decisioning.

This team first helped the business re-think their approach to personalization. While traditional personalization models rely on bulk segmentation models to drive the delivery of (slightly) more relevant offers and rewards, the next-generation solution would leverage machine learning to determine the best reward offers based on an individual’s buying and spending habits. This solution – built around a “Segment of 1” concept – would allow the business to maximize their marketing and loyalty efforts, increase brand satisfaction, promote participation in the loyalty program, and drive engagement and conversions.

Powered by New Tech Solution

Concord built out a new personalization platform and helped the business move to an event-based architecture. This technical approach allows the business to recognize individual actions as they happen and trigger responses using the machine learning and loyalty platform.  

With the implementation of a hybrid-headless loyalty platform and an event-based architecture, the technical solution allows Starbucks to determine the individual buying power of each user and deliver customized offers that are pushed via the mobile app. Additionally, the loyalty platform is configured to handle all push notifications for Starbucks users using a cloud-based Azure architecture.

Managed via Custom SPA

Concord developed a custom application, “Aroma,” that streamlined the management of marketing product groups. Historically, Starbucks categorized products into marketing product groups using a highly manual process that relied on the use of extensive excel files. The newly built application allows marketers to create collections in marketing product groups, which are synced with the overall loyalty and offer platform.

Concord is continuing to work with Starbucks on introducing more digital signage and dynamic elements into the in-store experience, further bridging the overarching customer experience.


Concord enhanced the mobile app and rewards experience delivered to customers around the world. The team implemented a new CDP to serve 140 million customers, as well as enabled an event-driven architecture that powered hyper-personalization around offers and rewards.

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