An Integration Trifecta

Data Integration & Transformation
Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Companies need their systems to work together flawlessly to stay ahead of the game…and their competition. More often than not, however, large corporations find it difficult to make disparate – and integral – systems talk to each other. In the case of our global manufacturing client, an on-premise database, a cloud-based CRM tool, and a mobile application needed to synchronize in real-time to provide the greatest value to their internal users. Concord stepped in to complete this integration trifecta.  

Our client was faced with MuleSoft connection issues when trying to link with their Salesforce instance, causing downstream ramifications in providing their field-based sales team with on-demand and up-to-date contact information and service requests. As an integration expert, Concord was up to the challenge of enabling real-time collaboration and secure data sharing.


After building a new interface and implementing real-time push topics in MuleSoft, Concord solved the connectivity issues and created a team to support the process in production.

As a result, the client is self-sufficient in managing their new MuleSoft interface and can rapidly drive services into production. More importantly, their sales team has the ability to see all information securely in real-time, leading to a rise in customer satisfaction and increased revenue growth. Another integration success story!

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