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United Scope is a U.S.-based provider of microscopes and related accessories sold mostly online to a diverse range of end markets. United Scope customers fall into the categories of family consumers—usually buying hobby-oriented microscopes as gifts for children—and educational institutions or bio-tech companies buying more advanced products for labs.

They engaged Concord to optimize marketing and IT efforts by providing greater visibility into their B2C and B2B audiences, drive more relevant engagement to its e-commerce site, and increase upsell and cross-sell conversions. Our solution involved implementing Tealium AudienceStream, and Tealium iQ tag, then integrating marketing data from all sources to access more comprehensive customer profiles. These more actionable insights now fuel highly targeted marketing experiences, customized to increase average order value and customer lifetime value.


United Scope’s marketing team realized they had a blind spot when it came to capturing behavioral data throughout the customer journey and determining which specific audience segments to target with personalized experiences. Specifically, they lacked the insights needed to better distinguish between B2C and B2B customers, clearly understand seasonal buying patterns, identify cross-sell, and upsell opportunities, guide automated default price points, or effectively gauge the success of marketing campaigns.

Most of these issues stemmed from a disjointed mar-tech stack—disparate marketing data sitting in silos. In addition, available marketing data was not optimized or actionable, creating gaps in customer behavioral analytics, and without an effective A/B testing initiative, they couldn’t adequately measure performance of strategies or make necessary adjustments.


After conducting a thorough audit and developing a measurement plan, the marketing challenges faced by United Scope pointed to choosing the right CDP and tag management system. Concord worked with United Scope and collaborated directly with Tealium to implement Tealium AudienceStream, and Tealium iQ tag management (with an accuracy rate of greater than 95 percent). We also optimized and integrated Google Analytics with United Scope’s new e-commerce website platform and other applications in the stack to eliminate tracking gaps in reporting.

United Scope now benefits from a robust CDP and tag management system—providing greater visibility into customer journeys, deeper B2B and B2C segmentation, and more personalized customer experiences.


Since Tealium AudienceStream and Tealium iQ implementation, United Scope benefits from enriched marketing data, optimized analytics reporting, and a thorough approach to A/B testing. Other new capabilities include omnichannel segmentation based on real-time interactions, deeper customer insights, and more relevant user engagement—all of which create new revenue-generating opportunities. Additionally, the CDP solution streamlined applications in the mar-tech stack, creating a “connected marketplace,” that integrates the company’s marketing data—web analytics, organic and paid social, sales information, and more—with customer profiles.

The robust analytics initiative captures behavioral data throughout the entire customer journey for a holistic view of customers. United Scope’s marketing team leverages this information to make decisions about products to value bundle, where to present upsell and cross-sell promotions on the website, which segments to target with the right customized offers, and how to personalize experiences for visitors that drive increased conversions.

United Scope can now also access enhanced insights about B2B and B2C audience differentiation, and how to time marketing campaigns for increased ROI. Tealium’s Audience Discovery tool provides the needed intel to align sales and marketing plans with timeframes related to organizational budgeting, start dates for educational institutes, top-selling holidays for gifting to science enthusiasts, and more.

Now that United Scope is no longer “blind” to customer behaviors that lead to increased average order value and average customer lifetime value, next they will partner with Concord to further optimize their digital marketing capabilities.

Note: Since the completion of this work, United Scope is selling its products as AM Scope.

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