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Intuit QuickBooks markets new products, training, and other services through email, both to current customers and potential customers. Email lists are precious resources since recipients can easily unsubscribe at any time. In order to ensure the effectiveness of marketing, retention, and customer service efforts, it is important to assess the ideal email cadence for each individual on the list.


Intuit QuickBooks engaged Concord to build and productionize a Recency Frequency Model (RFM) using machine learning techniques to predict the perfect time to send an email message to a current or prospective customer.

This real-time data science insight is added as a marketing segmentation tool within the marketing email environment, allowing users to build campaigns and set the desired cadence for a particular campaign.


Marketing professionals on the QuickBooks team can determine the best course of action regarding the timing of their campaign sends, with visibility into the predicted outcome for every recipient. In this way, the Concord Data Science team created a predictive machine learning model that serves segmentation and forecast needs, reducing the need for guesswork on how to time a particular campaign.

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