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The Intuit Digital Communications team supports all corporate communications for the enterprise technology company. Much of that communication occurs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Intuit Digital Communications team needed timely, relevant data consolidated across these platforms to optimize content for different audiences across different social platforms.

The solution needed to take into account the challenge of data silos across platforms and a lack of standard naming conventions across the silos, as well as custom tags and classifications implemented by the marketing team.


In order to create a consolidated performance dashboard, Concord developed a project plan that included:

  • Interview stakeholders to understand important business questions, social media goals, and related key metrics
  • Audit social reporting to provide a baseline of the current state
  • Develop a universal data model to map and standardize metrics across platforms
  • Build data pipelines to feed the various social sources into the data model
  • Wireframe the end dashboard product to inform the pipeline requirements and ensure an efficient dashboard build
  • QA the data model and final dashboard product


The Intuit Digital Communications team now has an on-demand Tableau dashboard showing daily granularity for post performance across multiple Facebook accounts, including additional post classification data from the third-party management tool. Post performance data in the dashboard is refreshed more regularly than could be pulled by manual methods, enabling the Intuit team to respond and optimize more quickly during social campaigns.

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