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Time is of the essence in patient care, especially in an emergency setting. Survival of cardiac arrest caused by ventricle fibrillation (VF) reduces by 7 – 10% every minute without defibrillation. When every second counts, it’s critical for healthcare providers to have tools and processes in place to treat patients as quickly as possible.

Concord’s health information exchange client offers an application that enables healthcare providers to search and view a patient’s entire medical history. While the application improved searchability for providers, initial patient look-up was slower than subsequent searches and reduced the time that providers could spend directly treating their patients. Concord was asked to develop a solution to improve the application’s look-up speed while protecting the privacy of patient data – all to enable more exceptional quality of care.


After collaborating with the client to create an agile project roadmap, Concord designed and implemented MuleSoft APIs to improve search and performance capabilities, while decoupling it from the original, monolithic format.

As a result, providers can automatically initiate a look-up of pertinent health records for a patient and reduce patient search time down from 3 – 5 minutes to less than 10 seconds. Concord also worked with the client to expose complex governance issues and create a new 0Auth2-based authentication framework to ensure sensitive PHI data remained accessible, accurate, and secure.

Further, other applications within the client’s ecosystem can take advantage of this new programing interface, ultimately freeing more time for what matters most – patient care.

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